Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The First Week!

Wow! What a journey this is!  
We have already experienced great blessings this first week of Kooper's mission!

We were lucky enough that Koop's P-day fell on Saturday! This was a welcome blessing after dropping him off just Friday afternoon and him not feeling well!  It was nice to get an email from him letting us know that he was feeling better, not great, but better!  It took a little bit of the sting away!

He gave a list of things that he felt like he needed sent to him like hangers, stamps, letters from his favorite people and friends, and beef jerky!  Quite the list!  It was fun to hear his personality come through his writing.  He told about how another elder took his spot in his room because he didn't think Kooper was coming, and then when he got there he didn't want to move.  So he is in a room with two elders going to Alabama!  He said the one was pretty cool.  The other he said was "a little bossy but he did sit ups last night so I'm not messing with him"!  Haha! 

P-day on Saturday also meant a letter in the mail on Monday!
 The First Letter!

His letter was so good! He told of the struggle of going Friday feeling sick and being in a classroom for 3 1/2 hours!  He said he thought he would die!  That night he was able to reflect on the craziness of the week and know that he can do this!  He is being blessed!

Wednesday was Awesome!  We have a cute choreographer and friend that has done routines for
 Hi-Steppers many years.  Her mom works at the MTC and she told me a couple months ago to send Kooper to her and she would give him an otter pop!  I had reminded Kooper of this in a letter.  Well, Wednesday she came to teach a routine and when she got there I asked her if she needed to call her mom for anything and maybe have her go look in on Kooper and report! Haha! 
Little did I know it was already in the plans!  Within 10 minutes of her being there,
 I had 2 wonderful pictures!!
Kooper and his companion Elder Barrow from Seattle Washington

Kooper and our good friend Travis that works at the MTC!

My friends mom works in the travel department and she called Kooper and his companion to come down so she could get the pictures and give an otter pop of course!  While they were there Travis called and she told him she was getting pictures of an Elder for someone from Bear River.  He asked questions and figured out is was Kooper and told her to not let him leave and he came over to see him!  How cool is that!?
These are awesome blessings for a missionary mom!  

I think it has been a pretty awesome 1st week!  A hard first week, but I know that Kooper is happy and I am happy that he has chosen to serve!  
Just 103 short weeks to go! :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Arriving at the MTC - finally!

Kooper will always have an interesting story about his arrival to the MTC.  He was scheduled to arrive Wednesday, July 23rd at 12:45 pm.  Well, at about 2:30 am that morning he woke up a very sick elder.  We were not sure what to do.  I called the MTC and they put him on the schedule to see a doctor as soon as he arrived, but they didn't understand this poor guy could not even lift his head to get in the shower!  I took him to the doctor and discovered he had a temperature of 103.  I called the MTC again and it was decided that he should get better before arriving.  His new arrival would be Friday!

Friday morning came, and Koop was still not feeling very good and I could tell he was super frustrated.  At some point he just decided he wanted to go no matter what. His dad came and visited with him for a while and they said their tough goodbyes.  

Everything was packed and this mama's breath was taken away as I saw 3 suitcases that held 2 years worth in the back of my car.  I cried as I watched him leave the house for the last time and as he went to say goodbye to his favorite little dog Axel.

The ride down was nice and he loved seeing his name on the overpass.  He was pretty happy to hear that his friends and cousins had put it up to show their love and support.
We stopped at the Provo Temple which gave us all a nice little breather before the big drop off.  There were tears and several times he told me and Kutter that we would be okay!

Then to the MTC.  It was very different from the videos and pictures I have seen.  We pulled up, the only car, right to the front doors.  We got the luggage out and had a few more tears and pictures, then helped into the front doors.  We were helped at the front desk and told to say our goodbyes!  More tears, more pictures, more "you will be okay"s, and more tears.  We walked away and I turned to catch that one more glance of that handsome face!

Yes we cried as we drove away.  We love what Kooper has chosen to do and we are so proud of him, but it is okay that we will miss him like crazy!  He was still not feeling very good, so tonight I am praying that he is feeling okay and can quickly settle into the routine of the MTC.  Much love to Koop! 
Pretty happy to see that his friends and cousins had put his name on the overpass to show their love!
(My camera wanted to focus on him, not the overpass!)

Best Brothers!

He actually hugged me! :)

Even if they fight, it is hard to say goodbye!

Last Goodbye!