Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, August 11, 2014

First P-day in Nampa!

What's up?  Yeah Elder Freeman is my Zone Leader right now, he is pretty cool!  He knows a lot of people that I do.  He is a great kid!  But yeah right now we have five elders that are living in an apartment which is pretty crowded!  But we stop in and see the Bearwaldts family and see how the progress is on their basement, because that is where we will be living here in a few weeks!  It's coming along great!  But yeah the people in my area are super awesome, even the non members!  Everyone knows where Tremonton and Snowville are haha!  But the only problem we had this week was with an 85 year old man who lets us go over and give him a spiritual thought. His wife was a member, but she is now in a nursing home.  So we went over to his house, and his daughter was there, and told us that we were rude, only being in our teens and telling an 85 year old man how to live his life!  haha it was funny and we just remained nice to them!  But that was the only issue we've had!  We walk at least 7-10 miles a day in the heat which is a lot of fun! haha But all is going good and I'm starting to eat more of a variety of foods, which is shocking I know ha!  But we are going to have a baptism here in a couple of weeks though, exciting stuff!
I left my camera at the apartment!  No pictures for today sorry!  But yeah send me some good pictures!  
Alright well I have to leave so Love ya!

** Elder Freeman is from Perry, Utah and also has a love of dirt bikes! :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

From the Mission President

Received an email from the Mission President along with these pictures.  

Elder Eliason and his companion/trainer Elder Knighton

Elder Eliason with Mission President Cannon and his wife.

Week #2 - Goodbye MTC, Hello Nampa!

I'm hoping that Elder Eliason will soon be settled enough to start sending updates for the blog!  Right now I am just sharing parts of my letters and emails, and there are just some things that are between a missionary and his mom! :)

Kooper flew out Tuesday morning at 11:30.  I was able to talk to him at about 2:30 that afternoon.  He called from the mission home.  He sounded great!  He said he still hasn't felt 100% but he was okay!  He had to keep his call short because they were already being sent out to knock on doors!  He didn't know where he was going to be placed yet.  Like I said, there was not a lot of time to talk so I didn't get too many details.

A few hours later I got this sweet text and picture!
First day out for Elder Eliason!  As a mom of 2 missionaries, I knew his mom would need a photo!
When I found out it was his first day I told him we had to send a photo to mom!  He was excited!
Lisa Harrison

The next morning I got a quick email!

Yea it was great being able to talk to you! So everything you send, it has to go through the mission office. And the address you have to use is Elder Kooper Eliason 1008 W. Sanetta Nampa, Idaho 83651! And if you send packages, you have to send it through the post office priority mail! I would like something soon because it would be nice:) But I'm only allowed a certain amount of time on the computers to let everyone know I'm okay. My trainer and new companion is Elder Knighton from Clinton, Utah. He has been out for nine months. It's kind of different actually doing the work, it was kinda scary proselyting haha! But oh well it will only get better, just have to work harder! Oh and my first area is the Nampa South 10th and 22nd wards! Stuck in the city:( But all of the new elders are so let's hope I get to go out in the sticks:) I think we do transfers every 6 weeks though, but who knows what will happen? Well I made it and look forward to hearing from you! Love ya!

And finally today, 2 weeks after he left, I got an email with words that a mom loves to read!  Check out the first line.  Makes me happy! :)

Ha I'm actually having a lot of fun now! 
But I live in an apartment right now, the people we were supposed to live with, their house  flooded! But I'm in a walking area... been walking at least more than 5 miles a day! But Monday is my pday so I will email you more then! Im just on the computer because we got a new missionary last night so we are at the family history center! Bye!

I Love My Missionary!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Just Awesome!

Just received this awesome text message!  I have been looking forward to messages like this one, just didn't expect it so soon!  My heart is full!

Hello! I was your sons' first investigator at the MTC, their district taught me all last week and today. These Elders are spiritual giants and have learned to love and serve like Christ. They are brothers and have strengthened each other, and together they have studied prayerfully and diligently to teach me. My husband and I also saw them serving in the temple. Your Elders carry their message, the priesthood, and the name of Christ with honor.  -Melissa Rose Johnson