Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, August 11, 2014

First P-day in Nampa!

What's up?  Yeah Elder Freeman is my Zone Leader right now, he is pretty cool!  He knows a lot of people that I do.  He is a great kid!  But yeah right now we have five elders that are living in an apartment which is pretty crowded!  But we stop in and see the Bearwaldts family and see how the progress is on their basement, because that is where we will be living here in a few weeks!  It's coming along great!  But yeah the people in my area are super awesome, even the non members!  Everyone knows where Tremonton and Snowville are haha!  But the only problem we had this week was with an 85 year old man who lets us go over and give him a spiritual thought. His wife was a member, but she is now in a nursing home.  So we went over to his house, and his daughter was there, and told us that we were rude, only being in our teens and telling an 85 year old man how to live his life!  haha it was funny and we just remained nice to them!  But that was the only issue we've had!  We walk at least 7-10 miles a day in the heat which is a lot of fun! haha But all is going good and I'm starting to eat more of a variety of foods, which is shocking I know ha!  But we are going to have a baptism here in a couple of weeks though, exciting stuff!
I left my camera at the apartment!  No pictures for today sorry!  But yeah send me some good pictures!  
Alright well I have to leave so Love ya!

** Elder Freeman is from Perry, Utah and also has a love of dirt bikes! :)

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